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Meet the Instructor

Yoga Instructor

Laurie Clarke, a registered Yoga Alliance instructor, has been teaching Hatha Yoga since 1977. As recognized by the Alliance, she has over 5000 hours of experience in the field. Originally practicing in the Catskill Mountains of New York, she moved with her family to Charleston, South Carolina in 1986. Influenced by her various teachers over the years, Laurie developed her own personal, nurturing style of Hatha Yoga. With a concentration on form and slow controlled movements, she has introduced yoga to thousands of students of various levels. Always focusing on the integration of breath and movement, she helps her students connect with their own inner ability to attain a state of peace and well-being.

In March of 2002 she completed the Yoga of the Heart certification program, a highly acclaimed therapeutic Yoga practice developed by Nischala Joy Devi in conjunction with Dr. Dean Ornish. This program adapts traditional Hatha Yoga practice to the special needs of cardiac and cancer patients.  Since that time she has integrated this training into all of her teaching, recognizing that regardless of age, health, or experience it is critical to modify the Yoga practice for each individual.

Laurie specializes in Restorative Yoga and provides classes and private sessions that can greatly enhance the body’s ability to heal.  Over the years she has worked very closely with her students and has helped to support them through the trials of sickness and loss. It is always her goal that her students will be able to develop the tools that they need to improve the quality of their health, and to face their lives with an open heart.